This year marks the 10th year since we have established our brand.
We have collaborated with many brands in the past to make leather jackets, but this year, to celebrate our 10th anniversary and our newly established brand ACVM, we have for the first time made reverse collaboration offers to those brands.
Collaboration with two completely different denim brands.
FULLCOUNT, one of the leading denim brands in Japan.

We created jackets and pants using special Zimbabwe cotton that symbolizes FULLCOUNT and material of different ounces.
The custom-made fabric is finished with uneven yarns using the traditional method. It is also very absorbent and is stress-free to wear as it does not get sticky even when the wearer sweats. It has excellent drying properties, especially the unlined pants, which can be worn comfortably all year round—guaranteed to provide maximum comfort.


MINEDENIM is a luxury denim brand directed by the stylist Tsuyoshi Noguchi.
We used a selvage version of their standard stretch denim.
Through the low blending ratio of polyurethane as compared to regular stretch denim, it has achieved the highest comfort while maintaining the denim-like texture. Using this fabric, we created pants and jackets.


The pants are made from stretchy material to make them slimmer, and the jackets have a zip-up collar and are made from horse leather.
The AW season will start on September 19, and both collaborations will be available on the same day.
We hope you will take a look at our first collaborative items.