ACVM brand summer classic, SLANTING POCKET TEE.
We wear T-shirts in relatively short length jackets, such as leather biker jackets and blousons.
However, the length of general T-shirts is generally long, and we have always been dissatisfied with the large T-shirts protruding from the hem of the jacket.

Therefore, we set a well-balanced length whether we wear it as a single T-shirt or inside a leather jacket, and made the original T-shirt several years ago.

If you choose a tight size for this T-shirt, it will have a masculine silhouette with thin arms and short sleeves.

If you chose one bigger size, the length is set shorter, so the width of the body and sleeves will be wider, but the length will not be longer and you will be able to maintain a good balance.

It is a specification with no seams on the side of the width of the body that is hard to twist even when washed. The chest pocket is a SLANT type that is reminiscent of a certain BRITISH VINTAGE.

Several printed T-shirts will be on sale this season, including collaboration with DEUS EX MACHINA, all using this body.

It is a long-selling model with many repeat customers, which has been on sale every year since its first release.
Please try it once.