We originally started business as a British vintage motorcycle jacket speciality shop.
Over the years we have been fascinated and heavily influenced by old British jackets with their
thick but light sheepskin, modern shapes and wide variety of colours.

We have sold an incredible number of jackets and are also collectors ourselves.
However all of these jackets that fascinated us so deeply were of course made by someone else in the past.
In the course of selling these countless jackets, at some point the desire to produce our own ideal jacket emerged.
This ideal jacket would be our very own complete custom-made item and we would be particular about every detail - from the leather and the lining, down to the zips and buckles.

We are blessed in that we own many vintage jackets and have also built up a great deal of knowledge.
We decided that we had to start by producing some special leather that would age in the same way as vintage material
and also that we would need to make all of our own zips.
Unfortunately we discovered that our ideal kind of zips, which are characteristic of old British jackets,
were nowhere to be found among the ready-made products available internationally.
Therefore we realized that we not only had to create our own pulls for the zips but also plain square end boxes to match.

We were also particularly aware of the fact that the rich vintage feel of many jackets is not bronly due to them having been
worn for many years but also because of changes brought about by exposure to the sun.
These changes are most apparent with the zip's cotton tape and there is a clear colour difference between parts
that are easily exposed to sunlight and those that aren't.
Because of this when creating our jackets we change the colour of different areas of the zip tape and construct them so that
they not only look good when new, but as the years pass and everything else like the leather and the metal parts also age, a truly complete jacket comes into being.