For the first time in a year, we are holding an exclusive event for deerskin jackets.

This time, we have created three different colors of blue deerskin, something very familiar to those of us who have our roots in the British style.

Deerskin is known as the cashmere of leather, and our custom-made mix-tanned deerskin, made using our unique recipe, is thick yet soft and light. Wearing it feels as though one is covering themselves with a high-quality blanket.

Similarly soft, our sheepskin comes in what we call brown tea core. Our deerskin, however, is colored all the way to the core to make the most out of the texture.

Possessing a completely different feel from brown tea core sheepskin and hard horsehide and bearing a luxurious look despite containing tannin, this leather transforms into a part of the wearer’s body the more it is worn.

From January 9 to 31, all jackets in ADDICT CLOTHES JAPAN’s current lineup are available for order in deerskin.

Please seize this opportunity to get your hands on a special deerskin jacket.
* For a customize, we only accept changes in sleeve length and lining.
Please see the page of each jacket for details.
* Delivery is scheduled for in May.