Cotton wool fabric used by the ACVM brand in the autumn/winter season.
It has a rough texture that gives it an old-fashioned feel, and the warmth of wool is added to it, and the blend of acrylic and polyester gives it a smooth feel.

This season, the herringbone fabric of last year has been changed to twill fabric, and new products will also be released.

There are two types of classic trousers that perfectly match this material the slim, non pleated TR01CW, and the single-pleated TR02CW, which has a deep rise and a slightly wide silhouette.
Items that are easy to use individually or as a set will be released, such as the coverall type JK03CW that goes well with either of these two trousers, and the manly newsboy cap with sheep leather on the top of the brim.

And for this season’s new liner coat LN01CW, the lining of the coat seen in military wear has been restructured by changing the silhouette and length so that it can be coordinated with other ACVM items.
You can wear it alone as a cardigan or as a set with trousers.

Furthermore, as the name liner coat suggests, by wearing it inside ACVM brand long outerwear, you can not only increase cold protection but also change your coordination.

The lineup includes navy with a classic feel and olive with a strong military feel, making you feel autumn just by wearing it.
Please enjoy this material that can only be worn during the cold season.

*TR01CW and JK03CW will be released at a later date.