Next Wednesday, one of ACVM’s autumn/winter staples, a series using fleece lining sweat fabric made on old-fashioned knitting machines, will be released online in advance.

The fabric we use is made using old-fashioned knitting machines, of which only a few are currently in operation in Japan.
Because this knitting machine knits at a very slow speed, it is able to create fabrics that are full and soft to the touch, something that modern knitting machines cannot produce. The fabric is completely different from modern fabrics that are made with efficiency and speed in mind.
Furthermore, it is made of tight tension fabric, making it very sturdy, but also soft and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear.
This sweatshirt fabric has a long pile and has high heat retention, making it very suitable for the autumn and winter seasons.

In addition to the zip-up hoodie, pullover with back print, and mock neck that were released last year, this year we have added a new henley neck.

A zip-up hoodie with tight armholes and sleeves is perfect as an inner layer for a leather jacket, and the pullover has padded accent details on the shoulders and elbows.
The mock neck with long ribs on the neck, cuffs, and hem, combined with the fleece lining material, is very useful in the cold winter.The new Henley neck has a twin-needle hem with no ribbing, and the warm material and loose silhouette create a relaxed atmosphere.

Once you get one, you’ll want different colors and other designs from this sweatshirt series.We would like you to feel the difference from ordinary mass-produced fabrics through the sleeves.