ACVM classic cotton T-shirts will be released this year as well.
When the brand was first established, this T-shirt was created with the concept of a T-shirt with the right length and size to be worn inside a leather biker jacket.

Most T-shirts are a bit long to wear inside a typical leather biker jacket, we’ve long been dissatisfied with the length of just a few centimeters.
The body length and sleeve length are a little short and the silhouette is stylish, the fabric is moderately thick and the texture is soft, and it is soft and comfortable to wear.

At the same time, a long sleeve model will be released this season.
As with the short sleeves, the compact size is designed to be short so that the ribs on the cuffs cannot be seen when layered.

It has a round body with no seams on the side of the width of the body, so it does not easily twist even when washed, and the slanted chest pocket is simple yet distinctive.
All printed T-shirts, regardless of short sleeves or long sleeves, use these bodies.

It is a long-selling T-shirt that is simple and has many customers who buy a new one every year. Please try it once.