Introducing a newly created knit tee using cotton, linen and ramie materials this season.

Linen and ramie are a type of hemp, and they have outstanding hygroscopicity among natural fibers.
It can be worn comfortably even in sweaty or humid environments.
This is because cotton accumulates when it absorbs water, but hemp can release the absorbed water.
Therefore, it dries easily even if it absorbs sweat or moisture, making it ideal for clothing in the summer and high humidity.

On the other hand, linen and ramie are prone to wrinkles and may be harder to the touch than cotton.
In this knit tee, by blending linen and ramie with cotton at the thread stage,
The product is finished with the comfort of linen and ramie materials while maintaining the soft texture of cotton.

The blended yarn is used to create a slab fabric, which is an uneven fabric with loose knitted fabric at intervals.
It is designed not only to look natural, but also to reduce the area that hits the skin so that it can be worn comfortably.
Due to the breathability and moisture resistance of the linen and ramie blend materials, and the dry and light touch of the slab fabric, it’s much more comfortable than a 100% cotton T-shirt.

It is a product that brings out the characteristics of the material to the front, but the gusset on the armpit and the ribbing of the cuffs that can be done because it is knit, etc.
There is no omission in the fine details.
The silhouette is a relaxed silhouette with a large shoulder width. Combined with the texture, it will give a nice impression.

This knit Tee should make you feel comfortable on the unpleasant humid days and hot summers that are coming in earnest.
Enjoy comfort by using cool materials when it’s hot and warm materials when it’s cold.