Continuing from last year, ACVM will be releasing two types of motorcycle coats with new colors.

The single dispatch coat is equipped with inner ribs on the cuffs and a chin flap used when raising the collar, and features such as a band to prevent the hem from flapping when riding a motorcycle, which is the original purpose of a motorcycle coat.
It maintains functionality and operability to prevent intrusion.

The other is a double-breasted coat with a design that is an evolution of the British military’s dispatch coat. It looks like a trench coat, but it is a manly coat that differs from the neat impression of a trench coat. As befits the name “storm coat”, buttons are placed everywhere to prevent wind from entering from any part of the coat, and the design makes it look cool even when all the buttons are fastened and the collar is up, or just worn with the buttons open.

Made of thick cotton flannel material, it is extremely soft and feels as comfortable as wearing a high-quality gown. The fabric, which looks like suede, combines the roughness of military items with a warm, casual feel.

It feels like long coats are becoming less and less useful year by year, but since they are made of cotton flannel, their cold protection is not over-specified, and by wearing them over shirts, sweats, or knits, they can be used like shop coats. It is designed to have an atmosphere that can be worn casually and even indoors.

In situations where you want to increase cold protection, we recommend wearing the ACV-LN01CW liner coat or ACV-QLT01LM quilted jacket inside the coat to enjoy layering while increasing cold protection.

It goes great with ACVM’s trousers, knits, sweatshirts, and other items that come in a wide variety of colors. Please enjoy color coordination, including coats that can be worn casually.