Next Wednesday, two types of jackets made from ACVM brand’s signature material, waxed cotton, will be released online in advance.

We have explained this material in past Journal articles, but in the past director Ishijima used old oiled cotton jackets that had aged to look like leather. It was a jacket that gave off an indescribably unique aura, but it was dirty and smelly due to the use of oil, so it was not something that could be worn comfortably in city life.

After launching his own original brand, he wanted to eliminate those negative points and create a jacket that could be loved just like that one-of-a-kind jacket. Through trial and error with fabric processors, they developed a special wax. He used this to create the current fabric. It eliminates the stickiness and odor of oil, while the fabric becomes softer and more shiny each time you wear it, making it feel like a leather jacket.This jacket, which he first created and have worn for many years, has already become a favorite. It has changed to give off a dull luster like the old oiled cotton jacket.

The ACV-WAX02 BMC JACKET, the long-selling model made of this material, will be released for the first time in two years, but other models will also be released this year.

An outdoor style quilted jacket that was released only once before and was well received.
The batting uses high-performance batting materials such as Thinsulate and High Loft.
Thinsulate has excellent heat insulation properties due to its special fiber structure, and we use HL160, which is the thickest among them.

Furthermore, by using two layers of it, it becomes even thicker and achieves the highest specifications with high insulation and heat retention.
You can adjust the silhouette and wind penetration by adjusting the drawcords at the waist and hem.
A dignified outdoor jacket made of waxed cotton that adapts to your body and changes the more you wear it, typical of ACVM.
By the end of the cold winter, this jacket will look great.

Furthermore, from December to January, the long length ACV-WX04 BRISTOL JACKET, which was introduced last season and was well received, will be released.

The length is about 10cm longer than the BMC JACKET, and the width is about 2 sizes larger. Not only can it be worn as a long jacket, but you can also take advantage of its size and wear it as an overcoat over a leather jacket.
Especially if you wear a leather jacket in the winter, in many regions you will be exposed to cold winds and will not be comfortable, which limits the time you can wear a leather jacket.

ACVM’s original waxed cotton is a high-density fabric coated with wax, so it has excellent wind blocking properties and improves the cold situation that would be caused by simply wearing a leather jacket over a knit or sweatshirt.

By wearing this BRISTOL JACKET over a leather jacket, you will have more opportunities to wear a leather jacket even in winter, and you can enjoy the aging of your leather jacket even more.
Not only can it be worn as a regular outer layer over a shirt or knit, but the cotton wool liner coat released this season is also designed to be worn as an inner layer.

Please also try the BRISTOL JACKET, which is easy to use in a variety of situations.

*Since special wax is used and no oil is used, there is no need to add oil. Just enjoy wearing it.