Continuing from last year, the ACVM brand will release a cotton linen denim series.

This denim fabric uses 10 count Zimbabwean cotton for the warp and 100% Irish linen from Ireland for the weft. By adding linen to cotton, it dries quickly after washing compared to 100% cotton denim, making the fabric more durable, and when you sweat, the fabric absorbs sweat without becoming sticky, which is great for hot and humid climates. It is the perfect denim fabric.
Linen yarn is used for the weft, which is easy to touch the skin, so it feels comfortable to the touch not only when worn with pants but also over short sleeves.
By dyeing the luster of Zimbabwean cotton itself with indigo, a deep luster is created, creating a luxurious material that is smooth and supple.
Because the uneven thread is dyed with a white color, it changes into a vintage-like look as you wear it.

Continuing from last year, the lineup includes 5-pocket denim with a classic slim silhouette, tapered trousers, simple 2-pocket chore jacket, and a functional pullover smock, as well as trousers with cinch belt and 2 types of cap and casquette.

This denim series is sure to come in handy during the upcoming season of rising temperatures and humidity.
Please feel free to use cotton linen denim for daily wear like workwear, which is different from 100% cotton light ounce denim.