Delivery of ADDICT BOOTS will begin. This year, in addition to continuing to sell the model that was popular last year, we will be releasing a short version of the Monkey boots called Short Monkey. While retaining the design of monkey boots, the short shoe length gives them a light feel and changes short shoes, which tend to give a stiff impression. Made with ST-LW last, the toe volume and low heel provide excellent walking comfort. Since we use horsehide with a dye finish, you can expect it to change over time.

These service boots were introduced last year using the CL-LW last with a thin toe and low heel, but this year a new brown steer suede version will be introduced. Unlike the vintage-like mustard suede and brown horsehide with a faded dye finish that are available in the same service boots lineup, brown suede is easy to match with both military and urban styles, and it is especially recommended color at ADDICT BOOTS.

And this year, ADDICT BOOTS will be releasing its first black engineer boots made of horsehide with a tea core. Using the CL last on the thin toe and dyed leather, which has become a standard for the past few years, the black on the surface will fade as you wear it, and it will change over time in a way that is different from black or brown. This material allows you to feel the fade of the dye more than the black core.

Starting with the online pre-sale on May 29th, it will be released sequentially through June. Details will be updated on the ADDICT BOOTS Instagram account, so please check there.