Inspired by British culture, we started making biker jackets.
It is what we are fascinated by the thick but lightweight and soft sheepskin jackets and the colorful blue jackets.
It is also related to the fact that it was founded in 2006 as a vintage store that specializes in them.

This AD-06 has more American details than our other jackets, such as epaulettes and waist belts with buckles.
This is because in the 1950s, the traditional biker jacket design from the US moved to the UK,
and it is based on the jacket that was born in the UK with reference to it.

By combining the sheepskin of the leather material that represents the UK with the ball chain zip and the piping of the pocket,
the American design also gives a sophisticated impression.

In addition, we have created a distinctive buckle attachment that comes with vintage jackets.
It was made at the time so that bikers could easily remove the buckle while wearing gloves.

As shown in the image, the buckle comes off and it hangs down.

The American design we make actually reproduces the atmosphere of the time when it went to the UK.

AD-06 is a mix of US and UK scents that are important in both motorcycle and fashion history.
Please try it.