Waxed cotton, a material that has been introduced several times in this journal.

It’s been almost 10 years since we first launched our modern waxed cotton material.
By using a special wax, we have completed a fabric that does not bother odors and stains while reproducing that unique texture of vintage.
It has a manly look, but lightweight and high wind resistance.

We have used this material to create many traditional jackets.
But now that we have started the ACVM brand in earnest, we wanted to make something completely different with this material.

And we made this coach jacket.
Originally a coach jacket that uses high-tech materials such as nylon,
By using waxed cotton, the hardness and matureness are greatly increased.
Of course, the lightness of the coach jacket is not lost and it is very comfortable to wear.

Our unique combination of waxed cotton and coach jacket was born.

Please enjoy this unlikely balance.