ADDICT BOOTS, which was operated on another website from this season, will be integrated into this main site.
Therefore, we would like to introduce ADDICT BOOTS again in this Journal.

We started making engineer boots for ourselves in 2010.
At first, I made a characteristic last that was warped, and later we made more than 1000 pairs of engineer boots, and as time went by, we became fascinated by boots making.
Finding the leather that suits your purpose, sometimes making it from leather,
as well as the fit that changes just by cutting a few millimeters of the wooden pattern,
the texture and color of the hardware, the shape and design of the sole, the combination of colors, and all these factors make up a boots.

We started a vintage leather jacket dealer nearly 20 years ago, and then started a manufacturer specializing in leather jackets.
For more than 10 years, we saw the high level of sewing skill and leather processing skill in Japan up close and experienced its splendor.
We’ve come to want to do the same with boots, just as I’ve developed a collection that expresses myself with leather jackets.
Then, in 2020, we expanded the size range and design with the keyword JAPAN MADE and launched ADDICT BOOTS.

We didn’t wear tough and too rugged work boots or biker boots for a long time, but dress shoes and boots that are too elegant are a little embarrassing.
Based on such own experience, while going through tough materials and production processes, modern forms and silhouettes, for example, even if we make American style products, we would like to create boots that give a feeling of European elegance.

Since the types of lasts will increase from this season, we will introduce them once here.

The RD LAST with roundness and volume on the toe, which was made for the first time when the boots were made in 2010.
When using this last, it will look like work boots.

And ST LAST which suppressed the volume of the toe by scraping RD LAST.
A simple and plain form that retains the form of work boots.

It is currently the most standard last in ADDICT BOOTS.
From this season, a low heel version will be released in this ST LAST.

The last new addition this season is CL LAST.
It is a last with the thinnest toes among all three types of lasts, and the volume of the toe is further suppressed compared to ST LAST, and it looks like a dress shoe.

It will be released sequentially from June, but we will update this Journal for some products after that, so please have a look there as well.