Two types of ZIP BOOTS will be on sale from ADDICT BOOTS this season.
One of them is CASPER, a collaboration boots with ROLLING DUB TRIO like last year.

Last year’s collaboration CASPER had a brown sole edge with the steerhide of the tea core brown, but this season’s CASPER has a black sole edge with the steerhide of cored black.

We explained about the last in the Journal the other day, but since it uses ST LAST like last year’s CASPER, it has a sharper form than the original CASPER.
Furthermore, the original CASPER uses a casual cork crepe sole, the collaboration CASPER uses the Vibram 269 sole, which is mainly used in ADDICT BOOTS, and the heel lift is stacked to add a heel curve.

The collaboration CASPER is finished to suit a sharp outfit, while the original CASPER suits a casual outfit.

The other type is ZIP WESTERN BOOTS using the new CL LAST introduced the other day.
Because it uses CL LAST, it has a sharper form, and the short length western design and suede leather go well together.

In both cases, the fitting that makes the best use of the thinness of the shaft unique to side zip boots is exceptional, and the more you wear it, the more unique wrinkles will appear, and you will see a characteristic change.

It will be on sale online on June 8th.