Delivery of this year’s ADDICT BOOTS will start next week.
This year, we have created a new low heel version of CL Last, CL-LW Last.
Last year, we released Engineer Boots and Zip Western Boots using CL last with a thin toe, but this year we created 2 new low heel models with CL-LW Last.

First of all, Short Chelsea.
Chelsea Boots, which has become synonymous with ADDICT BOOTS, has been made into a short shoe length, and it is slightly dressy but can be worn casually, and has a balance that goes well with military and work styles.
The sole uses DAINITE Sole, giving it a different feel than other boots that use VIBRAM Sole.

Another model is Service Boots, synonymous with military boots.
This is made with a CL-LW Last that has a thin toe and a low heel, and is both walkable and sexy. The materials are dye-finished horsehide and Steer suede, and each materials by one color will be released.
The heel counter is also made specifically for this boot to give it a rounded shape, giving it a pleasing form.

In addition, as a variation that was not available last year, Zip Western’s Horsehide version, and Zip Western and Chelsea Boots will also release brand’s first brown suede.

As repeat products from last year, CL Last Horsehide Engineer Boots, Horsehide Chelsea Boots and Monkey Boots will also be released.

Starting with the online pre-sale on June 14th, it will be released sequentially throughout July.
Details will be updated on the ADDICT BOOTS Instagram account, so please check there.

In addition, we wrote several articles about each boot in this JORNAL last year, so please take a look at those as well.