Long-standing collaboration with VASCO.
The bag series using thick surge fabric, which was released at the same time last year and was well received, will be released again this year.

The fabric used this time is a high-density, thick denim-like fabric used in old European military jacket and coat, and the fabric is relatively soft, giving it an elegant atmosphere. The dry texture blends well with the military-inspired design.

This time, we will be selling backpack, waist bag, and new 2-way tote shoulder that have been on sale since last year.
There are two colors, black and sand beige, and it is easy to coordinate with ACVM’s clothes, which have many colors such as beige and white this season.

The new tote shoulder can literally be used as a shoulder bag or a tote bag, and the handle is long enough to be worn on the shoulder.
It is more durable than a simple eco bag, and it is easier to use than a sturdy shoulder bag, making it easy to use every day.
Cow suede is used on the bottom of the backpack and tote to prevent friction between the fabrics.

It’s the season when it’s convenient to wear light clothes and have a bag that can be used lightly.
Please try using this collaboration bag that is popular every time.

* Only the ACV-BG04ASG ARMY SERGE BACKPACK will be available for pre-order as it will arrive at a later date.
Please see the product page for details.