At ADDICT CLOTHES ARCHIVES, we have huge space.
Despite being around 10 minutes by car from Toyama Station in Toyama, we have an impressive space renovated from a former car repair factory, with an area of about 330m2 and a ceiling height of 6m.

As the word “archives” implies, we have everything about us here, including not only our ADDICT CLOTHES products but also our inspiring, original VINTAGE JACKETS, samples, older goods that are no longer for retail, and VINTAGE MOTORCYCLES.

By making use of the large space of the old factory, our expansive displays featuring old hanger racks and showcases minimally renovated are something that even our ADDICT CLOTHES TOKYO flagship store cannot replicate.
It should be a wonderful space for those who like our leather jackets and VINTAGE MOTORCYCLES.
What’s more, the shop manager since this store opened was a customer of ours when we first started the business.

He is more passionate about our products than anyone else, and will give you personal suggestions when you are choosing a leather jacket or boots.
Like our flagship store in Tokyo, we want to be a store that is worth the visit from afar.
We hope you may visit us to look for your favorite leather jacket or boots!