I usually ride classic and vintage British motorcycles, and I can make lots of clothing that suits them.However, I wasn’t happy with the helmet I was using for a long time.
That’s because old British helmets did not fit the head shape of Asians such as Japanese people, and it was difficult for me, who used to be a vintage dealer, to find one with better size and condition.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve met and worked with many people, which allowed me to make lots of clothes.However, I was not able to make a helmet in this production environment.Although I’ve asked several helmet manufacturers five years ago to help make it, it did not come to fruition.
The helmet I wanted had a complicated structure with an interior made of cork, which made it more difficult to manufacture than a general helmet made of styrofoam.

While I have given up on making the helmet due to its difficulty at first, I received support several years later from TT&CO, Japan’s leading helmet manufacturer. I then began the production, from dissembling the Vintage Helmet to selecting the leather for the interior, which led to the completion of the best British-style helmet after numerous prototypes for checking the silhouette. While the older details are reproduced, the silhouette and fit are by all means made to be modern.

It will suit well with not only classic British motorcycles but also Japanese ones with similar customization or style.
If you are interested, you should definitely try it out.

Satoshi Isjhijima