We started making boots out of a desire to create our own ideal items. Our ideal boots are basic and tough but at the same time comfortable to wear with a sophisticated and sharp form.
With the pull-on type of boots like engineer boots that can not be adjusted with laces, small changes in size can create a big difference in how comfortable they are to wear. We have not only worn this type of boot when riding bikes but also in every day life.
Most of these pull-on boots are made with ease of removal in mind and with enough leeway to accommodate most people’s feet. Because of this even if you are not aware of it when riding a bike, we have often experienced discomfort from the loose fit when walking around.
Therefore in order to improve the fit of the boot when walking and also to create the sophisticated and sharp form that we were after,

we decided to lower the instep and narrow the heel and ankle area and carefully selected leather with some thickness to it to begin the process of creating our ideal boots. Also rather than having the boots put together as a complete product at the factory, we decided to have the soles fitted separately by the speciality boot repair shop Hukurokuju in an effort to make an even higher quality product.
Before the boots officially went on sale we adjusted the wooden pattern 3 times and made 4 different samples, with total production time coming to 2 years. Because of this we were able to complete that we had envisaged – tough with a sharp form but at the same time also comfortable to wear.