We have been selling vintage oiled cotton jackets since we first established our business.
The number we have sold comes to well over several hundred.Among those jackets are some that have been repeatedly oiled so much over their lifetime that they take on a lustre almost like leather and have that special rich feel that can only be experienced with vintage items.

We fell in love with that unique quality and have been wearing and selling such jackets for many years. Oiled cotton is a material that was born in the UK over 100 years ago. 

Before high-tech materials like nylon came into existence and at a time when leather was far more of a luxury item than it is now, oiling high-density cotton created a material with both water-proof and wind-proof qualities. 

However unlike the UK where light rain is common, the heavier rain in countries like Japan can not be held out by this oiled cotton. Moreover as a result of so much oil having been applied over the years, vintage jackets of this type usually build up some dirt and one can not say that they smell particularly good either.
It is at this point that we stepped in with a special treatment process to recreate the qualities of these vintage oiled cotton jackets that had charmed us so much with their long history of repeated oiling,

but at the same time making improvements to remove any unpleasant smell and feel to allow the jacket to be worn comfortably. We also made new templates to bring the jacket up to date and by using our own custom-made buttons, zips and linings we were able to create a “New Vintage” jacket that exceeds the vintage versions that we have lovingly worn.