Collaboration items with the ACVM brand and PEANUTS&CO will be available in stores and online this Sunday.
Here we will introduce the three types that will be released this time.

First up is a silver bracelet that the ACVM brand custom ordered from the jewelry brand PEANUTS&CO.
The motif is the wing design used in military and motorcycle culture, but the bracelet is a little small and understated, making it suitable for adults to wear as well.
The subtle yet bold design will accentuate ACVM’s simple outfits.

The second is a pair of sneakers made from deck shoes that have been waxed using an original method that has long been used in ACVM brand products.
The highly waterproof, high-density canvas is waxed, so they are more water-resistant than regular canvas sneakers and will develop a glossy finish over time.

Of course, the wax is non-sticky and odorless, so there is no need to re-proof them.
Not only are they a perfect match for military style, but they are also a great sneaker for summer outfits that tend to be monotonous.

The third item is a shoulder bag that was commissioned by PEANUTS&CO and created together with VASCO.
The motif is an old newspaper bag, and it was created using two types of materials.
The original waxed cotton fabric that is often used by the ACVM brand, and lightweight and sturdy pigskin suede.
As you know, the original waxed cotton material will develop a shine and change over time with continued use. The pigskin suede will also develop an even better feel as it becomes worn and dirty with use.

The lining is made of an original blue check fabric that matches the waxed cotton fabric, the inner pocket is made of PEANUTS&CO.’s peanuts pattern embossed leather and there are silver studs on the front.

The collection is typical of a collaboration and includes items that aren’t usually produced.