ACVM will release two types of motorcycle coats this season.
One is a simple single dispatch coat that will be released following last year,
The inner ribs of the cuffs, the chin flap used when the collar is raised, and the band that prevents the hem from flapping when riding a motorcycle, etc., maintain the original purpose of a motorcycle coat, such as wind penetration and operability.

Using a thick cotton flannel material with brushed fabric, the fabric that looks like suede has a rough military feel and a warm casual feel.
The fabric is thick and the lining is made of wool, so it is heavy, but it is very soft and feels comfortable as if you were wearing a high-quality gown.

The other is a double-breasted coat with a design that looks like an evolution of the British military dispatch coat.
It looks like a Trench coat, but it is a masculine coat that is different from the neat impression of a Trench coat.
It is suitable for the name of a storm coat, and the buttons are placed everywhere to prevent the wind from entering from all parts.

Motorcycle coats were originally made to be worn while riding a motorcycle, but due to their high design, they have already been established as a genre.

We highly recommend it as a coat for those who are attracted to the masculinity of a biker jacket and find a regular coat boring.