The 3-piece cotton wool material that was released in the AW season last year and was well received will be restocked.

Inspired by old European work jackets, the design of the jacket is somewhere between a coverall and a suit jacket.
The fabric has a relatively beautiful atmosphere, but the design has a stronger sense of work.

The vest with the motif of an old British waistcoat is an excellent item that can be made into a crew neck by fastening the top button and creating a V-zone by fastening the side buttons.

The pants are TR01, which has already become a staple of ACVM.
Trousers with a shape that is easy to incorporate even for those who usually wear slim denim.

*The image is TR02

This season, compared to these combinations, the TR02 in the image will also be on sale with the same material.
Compared to the TR01, it has a looser silhouette and can be worn with one tuck for a more classic style.

It is a very good series that combines the warmth of wool with the slightly rough texture that makes you feel old.
We would like people who are avoiding setup and wool pants to try it.