We started out as a brand specializing in leather jackets 10 years ago. Not long after that, we created the cotton waffle knit that has since become a classic of ACVM Compared to other modern winter outerwear, leather jackets themselves do not have much protection against cold.

For those of us who mainly wear leather jackets even during the winter months, we needed innerwear that would protect us from the cold.


There are already plenty of warm wool knits and good sweatshirts out there.

However, for those of us who wear leather jackets even in winter, we need something that can be worn on a daily basis more than wool knit and has more protection from the cold than a sweatshirt.

And hence, we visited a historic Japanese knitwear factory. The factory has been established for 70 years and still uses old-fashioned knitting machines, which are rare nowadays. Some of their craftsmen have 50 years of working experience—the true veterans. Not all of our knitwear is made using these old-fashioned machines, but the manual production system, rather than a modern computerized production system, will meet our meticulous demands.

Knitted infinitely with cotton yarn, the knitwear, despite having a slim silhouette so that it can be worn under a leather jacket, allows for moderate stretching as it is waffle weaved.


Even though the knitwear is made of cotton, it is knitted with the maximum amount of yarn, giving it thermal insulation equivalent to a wool knit. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about washing and upkeep as you do with wool; you can wash it in water just like a sweatshirt. If it got stretched, you can return it to its original size by using a dryer.

Thermal insulation, everyday use, and slim silhouette—we were able to create the exact knitwear we needed. A cotton waffle knit born from our own needs. We hope you’ll give it a try too.