Waxed cotton, the material that represents ACVM.

We focus on this material partly due to the fact that we were founded as a British vintage clothing dealer.This material was developed back in the days before materials such as nylon existed. It was developed for outdoor wear in the UK where it often drizzles by coating high-density cotton fabric with oil, repelling water and keeping clothes and bodies dry. As oil gets applied repeatedly, the fabric becomes more lustrous, and its decades-old unique texture is highly regarded as vintage wear. However, this unique texture is born from the accumulation of old oil and dirt which, just by wearing it, often stains hands and other clothing—it never functions as everyday wear.


Therefore, after we had founded our brand, we started making modern waxed cotton at the same time as when we were creating custom-made leather for leather jackets.

Using a special wax that was created by mixing several types of wax,we have achieved in creating a fabric that replicates that unique texture but does not smell or stain. Because the high-density cotton fabric is coated with wax and not oil, it is less waterproof. The wax coating, however, has provided an analog look and boasts of high wind resistance while keeping it lightweight.

This season, we are introduced a brown version of our classic BMC jacket, as well as a longer length version for the first time. In addition, a waxed cotton version of Dispatch coat, which was popular last year, will be released soon.

The classic BMC jacket is reminiscent of vintage clothing with a wool vest that can be attached and detached easily using buttons.

The new longer length version does not come with the wool vest but instead has the same fabric padding on the shoulders and elbows.

Please have a try of our BMC jacket, and the newly added Dispatch coat, a long-time favorite modernized recreation of waxed cotton items.