In the past, we have made limited jackets twice using a deerskin called leather cashmere.

Our custom-made, semi-vegetable tanned deerskin is thick, soft and light while having the comfort of a high-quality blanket.

While our equally soft sheepskin has what’s known as a brown tea core, the deerskin is usual black core.

With a completely different feeling from the brown tea-cored sheepskin and hard horsehide, this leather, which looks luxurious and contains tannin, will mold to your body as you wear it more and more.

In the past, AD-01, AD-02, AD-03, and AD-10 were each made only once with this leather, but from January 4th to February 2nd, all item numbers will be made with our Deerskin.

Make sure to grab hold of this once-in-10-years opportunity since the launch of our store and get your hands on our special jackets!