We have collaboration with other brands regularly. Most of them are like we produce leather jackets for those brands. Basically we don’t make big changes, we just make additions based on the key elements of the brands, produce special colors or leather that doesn’t appear in ADDICT CLOTHES’ line up. Almost all of them are exclusive jackets. This quarter, we have a collaboration with the brands MINEDENIM and FULLCOUNT with completely different tastes.

MINEDENIM is a denim brand directed by stylist Tsuyoshi Noguchi. The choices for the first collaboration with them are AD-01 and AD-02. We have pins at the sleeves. Along with the taste of the brand, the lining and zip tapes are standardized as black in color, and the leather is chosen as brown base sheep skin. There are typical MINDENIM stylish details as well as the nice experience having a taste of ADDICT CLOTHES.

FULLCOUNT is a well-known “THE JAPANESE DENIM BRAND” we don’t have to describe. This is our fourth collaboration with them. Here we make use of luxury water-dyed horse leather, without any artificial colorings. Moreover, we have special order of LAMP BLACK for a different image of normal black color.

The image of the color is like ink black, but is like a gradual change from black to grey. Hope you enjoy the wonderful texture of the water dye horse leather.


MINEDENIM +81-3-6721-0757
FULLCOUNT TOKYO +81-3-6804-6541