AD-18 GREASER COAT created in limited quantity with SWAN DIVE, a store in Toyama prefecture last year. This year too, it will be available in limited quantities.

The motif is the leather coat that was popular in England during the rockers movement in the 1960s, but we reconstructed various parts and reconstructed it. The leather uses deerskin called cashmere of leather, which was created by the ADDICT CLOTHES original recipe.

The front zipper is a double zip specification of CLIX and ADDICT.

Comes with a special attachment that allows you to easily remove the belt buckle,This makes it possible to easily remove the belt even while using gloves.
Furthermore, only the tip of the ball zip has been worn for many years and the plating has peeled off, reproducing the state where the brass fabric is visible. As the aging of leather progresses, it becomes more compatible with metal parts. And the lining adopts black cotton quilting which will be the first appearance.

It is recommended as a rockers style dress or as a leather coat for winter.

From August 1st, it will be on sale only on our EC site, ADDICT CLOTHES ARCHIVES, and SWAN DIVE in Toyama Prefecture.