From August 1st to the end of August, a custom order event will be held with the leather jacket of ADDICT CLOTHES JAPAN, continuing from last year.

As we have explained many times, our leather jackets are inspired by many vintage jackets details. That’s because we were originally vintage dealer, who sold thousands of vintage jackets in the past. vintage jacket has different leather expressions and personalities even if they are jackets of the same age and design.

A jacket that is not exposed to sunlight and the zip tape is kept black. On the contrary, a jacket with a zip tape that has been worn for a long time and has been severely discolored due to sunburn. A jacket with a wool tartan lining, reminiscent of an era older than the iconic red quilted lining. Whether or not there is a zip pocket that changes the impression even with the same design, a jacket with dimensions that are clearly different from the ready-made product because it was made for the original owner, etc. vintage jacket has that reflect the tastes and history of various owners.

In addition to the zip tape color change, zip pocket addition, lining change, sleeve length and body length change that were selectable last year, A cored version of black sheepskin, which normally has only a brown core, A new black version of the red quilted lining has been added. Furthermore, at the same timing, wine red will be added to sheepskin and turquoise will be added to horsehide.

You can order any combination of AD-01 to AD-10, and delivery is scheduled for January. *Depending on the number of orders and the details of the order, it may be after February.

Details will be posted on the brand Instagram one by one, and from August 1st, orders will be available at stores and on our website. Please get a special custom-made leather jacket during this period.