We launched the simple shearling jacket, which was first released at ACVM last year.
This year, we changed the type of leather and release it in a different design.
The material is Spanish Merino sheep, which you can feel the quality just by touching it.
It is thick but soft and lightweight, and you can feel the comfort when you wear it.

The surface has a luxurious atmosphere that has been carefully suede-treated with time and effort, and the hair is curled so it looks casual.
The curl type has a specification that warm air collects between the hairs and it is difficult for heat to escape and has high heat retention, and it has warmth and lightness that is incomparable to cloth and wool blouson and coat.

The design is a British biker design that is reminiscent of AD-02 from ADDICT CLOTHES JAPAN.
British style conscious CLIX zippers are used for all pockets and sleeves, and the front zipper is an ADDICT 2way type for a wider range of dressing.

It is a jacket that goes well with both a slim and stylish style that makes use of the biker design and a relaxed style that makes use of the texture of the leather.
This is a great shearling biker jacket.
It is a wonderful thing that we would like people who are not familiar with this material to experience it.