Bridle leather goods that we have been releasing for many years.
It is also a proof that tells how wonderful this leather is.

Bridle leather was originally made for saddlery.
It is a very durable steer hide that is hard and dense to the core.
At the same time, the dense surface is lustrous, luxurious, and beautiful, and the heavy weight of leather makes it unsuitable for clothing such as jackets.

However, it can be said that it is very suitable for small items such as wallets and belts that want to give it a sense of luxury while giving it strength.

Speaking of bridle leather, the white wax that appears on the silver surface of the leather called bloom is associated.
However, we believe that this combination of strength and luxury is the greatest attraction of bridle leather.
The type of charm is different from cordovan, which is famous as a high-quality leather, but it has the same force and charm.

This leather, which has been soaked with oils and fats over a long period of time, has hardness but remains slightly flexible at the core, and the flexibility spreads throughout the leather as it is used.
However, it is completely different from hard leather, and you will definitely feel its goodness when you use it.

Unlike clothes, belts and wallets should be worn frequently.
If you haven’t tried these yet, give this robust and luxurious product a try.
It goes without saying that you can use it for a long time.