On October 5th, ACVM’s car coat will be released in two types of leather.

A sheepskin car coat made using only thick leather that was released once two years ago and was well received.
The leather uses the familiar brown core full vegetable tannin leather, and while the leather is thick and has a powerful look, it has the lightness and softness unique to sheepskin and can be worn comfortably.

It is a combination that overturns the rugged atmosphere of a car coat in a good way, but combined with the thick brown core leather, it creates an exquisite balance.
The slightly shorter length is also a good balance to wear like a jacket.

And the horsehide version that was released last year.
This uses mixed tanned leather with a thickness of 1.3 mm, but compared to general mixed tanning, the amount of chrome is reduced to the limit, and the surface has a full vegetable tannin expression, but the chrome increases its strength.

It feels like horse leather, but it is moderately soft, and the more you wear it, the more it will fit your body. And it features a hard look and a luxurious texture.

Two types of car coats that go well with the trousers released at ACVM.
Whether you don’t have a car coat or have never tried a sheepskin car coat, please try it once.