This season, ACVM will release a new jacket using original waxed cotton fabric.
Compared to the ACV-WX02 WAXED COTTON BMC JACKET that has been sold as a standard for a long time, the body length is about 10cm longer and the width is about 2 sizes larger.
It can be worn not only as a long jacket, but also as an overcoat over a leather jacket by taking advantage of its size.

Especially if you spend the winter with a leather jacket, in many areas it is not comfortable to be exposed to the cold wind, and the time to wear the leather jacket is limited.
The original waxed cotton fabric used in this BRISTOL JACKET is not very waterproof, but the wax coating on the high-density fabric makes it highly windproof, so wearing this BRISTOL JACKET over a leather jacket will prevent from getting cold more.

In addition, this original waxed cotton fabric becomes more lustrous when it is exposed to the wind and rubbed against it, and the fabric softens as it is worn.
After wearing it for a long time, it will change like a vintage.
What’s more, for leather lovers, wearing this waxed jacket over a leather jacket increases the chances of wearing it even in winter, and you can enjoy the aging of the leather jacket even more.

This jacket can be worn as a regular outerwear over a shirt or knit, or you can enjoy coordinating and aging with a leather jacket.
There is no doubt that BRISTOL JACKET is easy to use, so please try it.

*By the way, we don’t use oil, so you don’t need to add oil later.
Just enjoy wearing it.