ACVM’s first high-spec quilted jacket will be released.

It is a quilted jacket that is often made of synthetic fibers such as nylon for some purposes.
This time, we used our original waxed cotton fabric to create a basic and dignified outdoor style jacket.

Originally born as an outdoor use, waxed cotton blends naturally into the product.
Needless to say, our original waxed cotton fabric is non-greasy to the touch and has no odor.

High-performance batting material Thinsulate and High-Loft are used for the batting.
Thinsulate has excellent heat insulation due to its special fiber structure.
The thickest HL160 is used, and it is doubled to make a jacket.
By making it double, the thickness is increased, the heat insulation and heat retention are further improved, and the highest specifications are realized.

You can also adjust the silhouette and wind intrusion by adjusting the drawcords on the waist and hem.

A dignified outdoor jacket that uses waxed cotton, and the more you wear it, the more it fits and changes.

By the end of the coming cold winter, this jacket will look even better.