5 years ago, we opened ADDICT CLOTHES ARCHIVES in Toyama Prefecture, which was founded 15 years ago.
Utilizing a vast space of about 300 square meters, which is a renovated warehouse, now it is not only a shop function, but also leather cutting, product inspection, etc.
It is the center of our business, including shipping to all over the world.

To commemorate the opening, we made a limited edition jacket with Yellow stripes on Dark blue 5 years ago.
It is based on the rare vintage piece that was his icon, which owner Satoshi Ishijima loved before he founded the vintage shop.
We have received many requests for reproduce since then, but we have never reproduce it.

And this time, we have created a new limited edition jacket to commemorate the 5th anniversary of ADDICT CLOTHES ARCHIVES.
The jacket we made 5 years ago was made of kip leather, but this time we are releasing two versions of our iconic tea core sheepskin and cored horsehide.

Thick and lightweight sheepskin with a tea core that is hard to find anywhere else, horsehide with a tough yet clear and deep color.
Although it is the same jacket, it is finished in a completely different jacket that shows each characteristic.

Sample jackets will be exhibited at the flagship stores in Tokyo, Toyama and Nagoya from December 25th to January 16th.
We also accept orders at our EC site and authorized retailers near you.

Please get this special color for the first time in 5 years, which may be your last chance.

* Delivery is scheduled for April-May for sheepskin and May-June for horsehide.