ACVM 2022 Autumn / Winter Pre-order

From April 25th to May 2nd, we will be hosting an online pre-order event for the ACVM brand’s Autumn / Winter 2022 collection.
Furthermore, on April 29th and 30th, the same event will hold at the flagship store in Yotsuya, Tokyo.
You can actually pick up the sample and see it.

The quantity that arrives at each store is limited, and some products may not arrive depending on the size and color.
If you find your favorite item, we recommend you to make a reservation.

As a reservation privilege, all products shipped within Japan will be delivered free of charge regardless of the amount.
In the case of overseas shipping, we will deliver it free of charge if it is 20,000 yen or more.

Please take a look at the collection that is more fulfilling than last year, such as new color development.

* Delivery will be from September to November. Please check in advance as the delivery month is stated at the bottom of each product page.