The style that has been synonymous with military jackets for the past few years has been created using special nylon.
At the beginning, director Satoshi Ishijima loved the original jacket, and it was a simple desire to improve some dissatisfaction points and wear it more comfortably.

The characteristic details of the original military jacket are retained, but by using it for fine modernization and special materials, it is finished as a functional and modern military jacket.

The material used is a special nylon fabric made from low-gloss nylon thread that looks like a little fluff.
It has a natural look like a cotton material that does not seem to be 100% chemical nylon.

However, it has water repellency unique to nylon and can prevent some rain.
Compared to cotton material, it is more resistant to tearing and rubbing and less likely to wrinkle.
Not to mention the light weight of nylon material, it is easy to roll, fold and carry, so it should be useful in many situations.

At first glance, it is a jacket design with many pockets and a long length,
The lightweight material and wide sleeves make it easy to wrap your arms around like a shirt, and depending on what you wear on your innerwear,
you can wear it before summer or in situations where the temperature and room temperature settle down a little.

If you use it in many situations such as the coming warm spring, the rainy season, summer nights and travel companions, You can feel the true goodness of this jacket.