On September 21st, the BMC JACKET will go on sale online.

A jacket made from ADDICT CLOTHES original sheepskin with the motif of an old British cotton racing jacket.
Originally, director Satoshi Ishijima loves that cotton vintage jacket, and for many years he wanted it to be made of thick, soft, and lightweight sheepskin, which he also loved in vintage jacket.

When launching the brand, he succeeded in making almost the same leather that he used to use in vintage, and after making several biker jackets, he started production of his long-awaited AD-10 BMC JACKET.

The basic design is different from the center zip or double breasted biker jacket, and it has 4 three-dimensional pockets and 1.5 times the number of parts compared to the general biker jacket.
Needless to say, it has been revised many times.
Since the design has a lot of parts and many overlapping parts, the thickness of each part was changed, and the dot buttons were also thoroughly prepared.

Director Satoshi Ishijima himself created the jacket with a particular desire, and after its completion, he wore it so closely that he could call it his partner.
And the brown core sheepskin has aged beautifully.

The length is long and the collar is high, and when adjust the cuffs thinly it doesn’t let in the outside air in the winter.
There are many pockets and it is very functional, and there is a reason why it is worn more often.

AD-10 SHEEPSKIN BMC JACKET, one of the representative jackets of ADDICT CLOTHES JAPAN, please try it.