Next Wednesday, ACVM’s fall/winter staple, the cotton waffle knit series, will be released online in advance.
We started making leather jackets over 10 years ago, and this is a long-selling series of knits that we have been producing for almost 10 years to be worn inside leather jackets in the winter.

This time-consuming knit is made by twisting thin threads into thick threads to give them strength, then applying tension to the threads to create waffle fabric, which is then sewn together.

The fact that a lot of thread is used can be felt by the weight when you pick it up.
This knit is woven with extremely tight tension and has a slim silhouette that can be worn under a leather jacket.
Therefore, if you choose the perfect size, you may feel a little cramped when you first put your body in it.
However, this is proof that it has been stuffed and knitted, which is why it has high heat retention even though it is made of cotton, and the more you wear it, the more it gradually adapts to your body.
Since it is made of cotton, it can be washed and dried in the washing machine.
Therefore, this knit does not have the difficulty of caring for it, which is why people don’t like knits.

This year, we have created a new driver’s knit in addition to the standard crew-neck that goes well with anything, turtle-neck that protect your neck from the winter cold, and cardigan that can be layered with shirts and tee.
Turtle-neck protect your neck from cold air as well, but you can wear new driver’s knit with the zipper open or the bottom of the 2-way zipper open for a wide variety of styles.

New colors include black and navy, which are easy to use, dark gray, which is easy to use as a monochrome accent color, military-style army green, and oregano, which is a pale green.
Smoked beige, which was added last year, will also be useful for coordinating white and brown colors.

This knit is not only an inner layer for a leather jacket, but also an indispensable item for staying comfortable in the cold winter.
Please try finding a design and color that goes well with your winter outerwear.