Introducing our new boots label.

Eight years ago, we created our signature curved wooden last as well as engineer boots for people like us for the first time. Since then, we’ve changed the leather, color, and other fine details, 

with roughly 1000 pairs of boots sold so far.

While we originally specialize in motorcycle jackets, we experienced the same kind of fun and excitement in making boots over the years as that of motorcycle jackets.

Other than the manufacturing work when looking for leather that suits our purpose, we look at how it fits depending on the wooden last cut right down to the millimeter, the texture and color of the hardware, the shape and design of the sole, and the combination of colors in order to create a pair of boots.

With our new ADDICT BOOTS, thinned the instep and the tiptoe to a base in the characteristic the signature wooden last,

 leaving behind our signature curvature while having a more modern look. Not only does it fit heritage fashion, it also goes well with modern fashion.

We are also planning to expand from 4 to 8 sizes and provide customizable orders.
ADDICT BOOTS, coming soon.