ACV-P02 TIGHT TAPERED STRETCH DENIM released for 2 consecutive seasons under the ACVM brand.
Although 14oz stretch selvedge denim is used, the polyurethane blend ratio is as low as 2% and it is a natural denim fabric, so it maintains a texture like 100% cotton denim that does not look like stretch denim at first glance.

Everyone has experienced that tight denim has a limited range of motion, it feels restricted in movement when riding a motorcycle and in everyday life, and it often has holes from the base of the crotch, which is a heavy burden.
However, the stretch material has a wide range of motion and less burden on the base of the crotch, making it especially suitable for tight silhouette denim.

Only the comfort is updated with the natural texture, and the comfort to become an addicted.

The silhouette is slimmer than the other denim ACV-P01 from the knee, and it fits well with sneakers and short boots.

Perhaps no pair of pants is as versatile as tight denim, which is comfortable to wear.
Stretch denim, which many people have never experienced before, please try the best comfort.

* This item is sold after one wash, but the shrinkage ratio differs depending on the color of dye.
There is a difference in finished measurement between BLACK and INDIGO.
If you purchase at web-store, please check the size chart.