This time, let’s write about sheepskin, which is the main material of our leather jacket.

Many people think that strong cowhide and horse leather should be used for biker designed leather jackets.
However, its toughness can make it uncomfortable to wear, and while durable leather is a very positive gear to protect your body from accidents,
It may not be the best material for those seeking comfort.

Brand director Satoshi Ishijima found a vintage sheepskin jacket made in England that when he was 20 years old.
At that time, he, like everyone else, thought that vintage biker jackets were made of cowhide and horsehide.
But the jackets he found were as thick as they were, yet lightweight, very soft and comfortable to wear.
Furthermore, the leather itself of the jacket changed after many years of wearing, and it maintained an indescribable good texture.

From there he became captivated by vintage sheepskin jackets, collecting and wearing numerous jackets.
And in 2006, he opened ADDICT CLOTHES, a vintage shop specializing in leather biker jackets.
He sold sheepskin jackets to many customers and conveyed their appeal.

In 2009, he wanted to make a leather jacket that made use of his own tastes and knowledge.
He set out to recreate the sheepskin he fell in love with.

Unlike cows and horses, small sheep cannot make jackets that are thin on average and thick as described above.

Therefore, he changed the processing method many times and made efforts to purchase it.
Furthermore, thick leather and thin leather are all sorted and managed by hand to improve and maintain the quality of the product.

Many customers who visit our flagship store for the first time are almost always unfamiliar with our sheepskin.
And when customers first tried the sheepskin jacket, they said they didn’t find it so thick and even more comfortable to wear.
That’s exactly what Satoshi Ishijima had the same impression when he found a vintage sheepskin jacket over 20 years ago.

Please experience ADDICT SHEEPSKIN JACKET which renews the leather biker jacket with a heavy and strong impression.