HEAVY WEIGHT WAFFLE, which was released for the first time last year and was well received, was released this year as well.

Waffle fabric made from American cotton and knitted with high-quality, rough and casual threads. It is thick and has high heat retention, and the hem is straight, so you can wear it with just one piece. It doesn’t look like underwear,

Even if you wear it as a single piece, it will be useful as an inner jacket or blouson.
Cold person will be perfect if they wear this waffle under a loose knit.

There are two types, crew neck and mock neck.
The crew neck is very convenient, the mock neck is warm with just one piece of fabric around the neck, and you can layer it with the vest or crew neck tops to make a difference.

In addition to last year’s black, dark gray, and army green, a new off-white color has also been added.
Please try the versatile WAFFLE in the coming season.