This season’s ACVM has created a collection with an awareness of how to spend the summer and humid seasons in a fashionable and comfortable way.
In areas like Japan where there are four seasons and the temperature and humidity are very different, you can spend your time comfortably by choosing the right materials and fabrics for that season.

That’s why this season we released light nylon outerwear, cotton, linen and ramie blended knit T-shirts and trousers.
And on June 22nd, some summer goods will be released.

First of all, a collaboration army hat with THE HW DOG & CO.
Based on the US.ARMY fatigue hat of the 1930s, thick cotton linen fabric is kneaded from the core in the final process of fabric creation.
Finished with a soft and fluffy texture.

You can feel a vintage look with the washed-out fabric.
The linen blend is breathable and quick-drying, so it doesn’t get stuffy and can be washed, making it ideal for summer.

Next is the brand’s first shorts.
Gurkha shorts made from the same thick cotton linen material as the army hat above,
The vintage Gurkha shorts with a fairly wide silhouette have been changed to a slightly slimmer one, and the waistband position has been lowered to make it easier to use daily.

The silhouette is a little slimmer than vintage Grukha shorts, but with 8 pleated, it has a silhouette that wraps around the waist.
By reducing the area of the fabric that touches the skin with 8 pleated, you can comfortably wear even thick and solid fabrics.

The last is leather sandals that will be released as in last year and are no longer indispensable in the summer.
With the motif of old army sandals, we made it using the horsehide used in ADDICT BOOTS and the buckle for engineer boots.
Using the Last made exclusively for sandals, the arch is slanted and the strap design enhances the fit of conventional unstable sandals.
Full-vegetable tanned cow leather that is familiar to the foot is used for the foot head part, and a Vibram sole with excellent durability and cushioning is used for the sole.

Although it is a 10mm thick sole that is characterized by elasticity and shock absorption, it is lighter and softer than it looks, and it is a comfortable sandal to wear.
Of course, it goes well with military fashion, but especially in the summer, just changing from sneakers and boots to leather sandals will get you a comfortable and give you light impression.

Summer goods that you can understand comfort by incorporating multiple items as well as one item.
Please try to spend the summer comfortably.