Chelsea boots that have been released twice in the past and have become synonymous with ADDICT BOOTS.
We have integrated the website this season, so we would like to introduce it here again.

A clean side gore design was created using a 2mm thick cored full vegetable tanned horsehide or steer suede.
In contrast to the generally thin sole with a low straight heel, the front double mid-sole & Vibram269 sole has a heel as high as engineer boots with a pitched heel.
It is designed to suit not only clean style but also rugged style.

For horsehide, black is pigment-finished and brown is dye-finished leather.
Black, which uses pigments, also makes good changes each time you wear it, but the dye-finished Brown is prone to unevenness and makes even better changes.

Easily put on and take off, it’s not heavy, comfortable to wear, rugged but smart, and a perfect balance for Chelsea boots.

It will be on sale online on June 29th.