New boots HORSEHIDE MONKEY BOOTS released on June 15th.
This is a boot built with ST-LW LAST, which is a new version of ST LAST used in AB-02 LACE-UP BOOTS & AB-03 CHELSEA BOOTS for low heels.

By using ST-LW LAST, the ground contact surface becomes almost flat and walking is improved, and if you insert the attached leather inner sole, its cushioning property is also combined. It feels like sneakers.
In addition, the shoelaces that are close to the toes, which are unique to MONKEY BOOTS, can significantly improve the fit compared to other boots.

The leather is full-vegetable tanned horsehide, but this MONKEY BOOTS uses dyed finished leather.
Compared to pigment-finished leather, it has a more natural feel and texture, and although it has small scratches and uneven color, it helps to achieve a minimal finish.
Dye-finished leather is also characterized by aging, which fades its color as it is used.

Simple and minimal MONKEY BOOTS that goes well with denim pants as well as heritage trousers style.
It will be on sale online on June 15th.