Engineer boots using the new CL LAST will be released.
The engineer boots are made of 3 LAST including CL LAST, but let’s take a quick look at them here.


First, about 10 years ago, engineer boots using RD LAST, which we first made for boots production.
The toes are thick and have a curved shape, and it is these boots that Fukurokuju has asked for bottoming.

Next, engineer boots using ST LAST created to suppress the volume and warpage of the RD LAST.
ST LAST is a LAST that is currently used more often in ADDICT BOOTS,


It comes from the balance between the work boot-like form and the sharpness.

And it is an engineer boots using CL LAST released this season.
The toes are made thinner from the ST last to create a dressy LAST, which is also used in the previously released ZIP WESTERN BOOTS.

The leather uses the dye-finished horsehide released the other day, and is characterized by its natural texture, and the aging that fades as it is used.
The sole uses the Vibram 705 sole, the mid sole is single and finished sharply as a whole.
The engineer of RD and ST LAST have 11 inch height, while the engineer of CL LAST have 10 inch height.

Dressy engineer boots that go well with not only heritage styles but also beautiful styles.

This style is recommended not only for new customers but also for those who have been away from engineer boots for a while.
It will be on sale online on June 29th.