From June 6th to the end of July, we will be accepting custom orders for leather jackets from Addict Clothes Japan.

Our leather jackets are inspired by details from many Vintage Jackets, not to mention the fact that we were former Vintage Dealers who’ve sold thousands of Vintage Jackets in the past.

We have jackets that were rarely worn and kept clean with the zippers still black, jackets that were conversely worn for long periods of time with zippers heavily faded in color, as well as jackets with a wool tartan lining that is reminiscent of an older age than the iconic red quilted lining.

With Vintages Jackets, we reflect the various tastes of the owners by adding/removing zipper pockets that change how the design looks or having customer-tailored measurements that differ from off-the-shelf jackets.

With the entire lineup from Addict Clothes Japan, you will be able to freely customize your order by changing the zipper color, adding/removing zipper pockets of sleeve, and changing the lining, sleeve length, and body length.

Delivery will take around 3 to 4 months from the time of ordering.

Details will be continuously uploaded to the official Instagram, and orders will be available at stores and e-commerce sites starting June 6th.

Be sure to get a special custom-made leather jacket for yourself during this period!